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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the need for social distancing, we have suspended all classes, courses and gradings until further notice.

We will let you know once these resume, take care and stay safe....



A Message from the Chairman

As martial arts instructors we are often called upon to find innovative ways to combat a threat, and the type of threat will determine the technique that we use to defend against it.

If we are physically attacked from the front, the side or from behind, then there are a number of well established techniques that we can call upon to defend ourselves, however, the most difficult attacks to defend against are those from a weapon fired from a distance or an attack from an opponent who cannot be seen.

As an instructor, one of the first things that I teach my students when it comes to self defence, is not to be there when the attack takes place.

But how do you defend against an opponent that cannot be seen, cannot be felt and cannot be heard, take for example this new Corona virus covid-19... you can't see it, you can't smell it, you can't feel it and you can't hear it coming. we know very little about it, except that it attacks some, more violently than others and it travels through human contact.

Whether that contact comes via human to human interaction, human to surface or human to air as in coughing or sneezing, this virus relies on us to survive, so knowing this we can counter it.

Many of us have won competitions using strangulation techniques, I use the age old adage, if they can't breath they can't fight, and we need to choke out this virus by denying it the one thing that it needs to survive, human contact..

As I said earlier the best form of self defence is not to be there when the attack takes place, so stay at home unless it is essential to go out, and if you do need to venture outside to go shopping for essentials, exercise or to walk your dog, remember the correct technique to successfully defend against Covid-19 is Chokyori, long distance.

Chokyori jutsu the art of long distance, recognised by experts worldwide as the best defence against covid-19, and the best of it is you don't need to be a martial arts expert to use it, stay at home, keep your distance and stay safe people...

Together we can beat this...

Michael A Scott - Hanshi


Respect Logo Face Masks

It is now compulsary for those travelling on public transport to wear face coverings, in Scotland it is also mandatory to wear a face covering or a face mask in shops.

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Respect Logo Face Mask




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