The Budokwai Martial Arts Association was founded in 1984 for martial artists by martial artists and it is our hope that through the internet we can promote the true spirit of martial arts world-wide.
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Welcome to the official website of the Budokwai Martial Arts Association Here is a quick guide to what can be found and where to find it.

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Here we have some information regarding the formation of the Budokwai Martial Arts Association and a brief history of the organisation.
Budo News
All the latest news, gossip and goings on within the association and its affilliated groups can be found here, as well as oddments of news concerning martial arts in general. This page is updated about once a month and has its own archive section.
Here you will find details of all the courses, events and seminars being run by the Budokwai Martial Arts Association and its Affilliated groups.
Here you can find out about the Budokwai Martial Arts Association, contact details, fees for memberships, gradings etc.
A list of who's who and who does what within the Budokwai Martial Arts Association.
A list of the Budokwai Martial Arts Association's Senior Instructors.
Grading Panel
Our technical grading panel, who they are and what they do.

This section lists all the groups that we are currently affiliated to and our involvement with them, as well as the role that they play within our organisation.
The Constitution & Rules that govern the running of the Budokwai Martial Arts Association.
You can get all our paperwork here from membership forms to grading sheets, each form opens in a new window so you can print it out.
Here you will find material to help you increase your knowledge of martial arts in general, this section includes articles written by some of our top instructors as well as some useful pages of terminology and other stuff including the Chinese Zodiac.
Online Store

This link takes you to our own online martial arts shop, our aim is to bring you quality merchandise at affordable prices, please note that we are constantly updating this section as we find new products.
Test your knowledge with one of our quizzes or take a reflex test, this section has all sorts of fun stuff to keep you amused for hours on end.
All sorts of freebies here, and a page of links to download sites where you can grab loads of other goodies.
Web Awards
This page has all the awards that our website has recieved.
Guest Book
This is another new feature of the site, please take a moment to sign our guest book and submit your comments.
Contact Us
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This page contains our links to other martial arts related websites.

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Some of our Associates

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Gung Fu

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Black Belts

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